Sporting Unlined Leather Gloves

unlined leather gloves

Unlined Leather Gloves for Everybody

Leather gloves can be a fabulous part of a wardrobe not just for women but for men as well. Women may see it more as an exquisite fashion accessory while for men leather gloves might have a more practical purpose.

Leather gloves come in different styles, colors and designs to cater to the different demands of every consumer in need. One such style in demand is the leather gloves without lining.

The Material

As the name implies, unlined leather gloves are not sewn with an additional lining such as cashmere, silk, fur or wool. This tells you that leather gloves without additional lining may be more suitable for casual use more than to keep your hands warm during winter. They are usually made from cowhide, goatskin and lambskin.

The good thing about leather gloves is that the material is breathable so your hands stay warm without any moisture which can be very uncomfortable. Plus, it molds according to your hand’s contours which allows more dexterity of movement.

Men’s Unlined Leather Gloves

For men, there are unlined gloves that are usually made from cowhide. Leather gloves that are made from cowhide are usually cheaper. These kinds of leather gloves can be used as great working or driving gloves.

The advantage of using unlined gloves made of leather for working with tools or driving is that they feel like second skin so you still have a nice, good grip. On the other hand, there are also dress gloves available for men.

Italian leather gloves without lining are one example. Made from lambskin, they look very elegant and classy and can be worn casually or while you are traveling.

Women’s Unlined Leather Gloves

Women’s leather gloves without lining may have more style and color variations. Fine leather, smooth lines, and perfect stitching contribute to an exquisite and classy leather glove.

There are wrist-length leather gloves that are unlined available as well as 8-button lengths. 8-button length gloves simply mean that they are 14-15 inches long, also known as the “three-quarter” leather glove.

There are also 4-button and 6-button gloves also available. Colors range from brown, black, red, and cream among others. Driving gloves are also available for the ladies. Ladies’ unlined driving gloves are made from soft lambskin, designed with knuckle holes and a strap to secure it in place around the hand.

Choose the Pair That Suits You

Unlined leather gloves are actually very chic and fashionable. Moreover, they also provide comfort and support when you wear them. After all, fashion does not only mean that you look good in what you wear but also that you feel good and comfortable with what you wear.

There are different styles of leather gloves that are unlined to choose from, depending on your needs and preferences so go ahead and try a pair one of these days.