Going Pink With Pink Leather Gloves

pink leather gloves

A Feminine Color - Pink Leather Gloves

Although leather gloves are deemed to be more of a man’s thing than a woman’s, there are some women who actually use leather gloves. However, these women are very picky in choosing the style of their leather gloves, as some would opt to choose those styles that still depict femininity.

There are those who look for gloves whose color would depict their womanhood than make them look manly by wearing such gloves. Some, who use leather gloves as part of their daily accessories, would surely prefer to buy pink colored leather gloves over the traditional black ones.

Traditional Gloves

Like the usual leather glove, pink leather gloves are also made from the same material which is lambskin. This gives the glove a shiny and elegant appearance. In addition, each glove also fits to the contours of your hands and fingers so it won’t look like you have oversized hands.

Traditional pink colored leather gloves feature a simple but classy look. They are normally lined with cashmere or silk, which gives that extra warmth for your hands. These traditional leather gloves may be good to pair with a nice casual suit.

Pink Driving Gloves

While some may think that pink leather gloves are simply for those who want to add that extra “oomph” to their daily get-up, they can also be used for driving. Driving gloves have a different kind of design compared to traditional gloves. They are partially open at the back and have a stud fastening at the wrist part.

Fingerless designs are also available. These pink colored leather gloves have knuckle openings for a more comfortable fit and the fingertips are open. You may think that driving gloves like these only come in black like what the bikers wear but there are actually pinkish leather gloves for the ladies.

Cuffed Designs

Cuffed pink leather gloves are another style you can try. These cuffed styles may even change your whole appearance simply by that additional detail. One of the most popular styles is cashmere-lined pink leather gloves cuffed with rabbit fur.

The fur cuff can add to the luxurious look and feel especially if the fur is smooth and soft. Fur cuffed leather gloves like these can be worn perfectly during the winter and don’t just keep your hands warm but make you look glamorous too. On the other hand, there are also cuffed styles available like the lamb shearling cuff.

Mix and Match

Wearing leather gloves has made a comeback and become fashionable once again. Pink leather gloves are just one way to look pretty and glamorous. There are different styles of gloves you can choose from, depending on your taste and preference. You can mix and match various designs with your wardrobe and come up with a whole new look.