Riding With Leather Riding Gloves

leather riding gloves

Biker’s Gear - Leather Riding Gloves

Ever watched one of those movies where a group of burly-looking men sporting wild tattoos, wearing jeans and leather jackets hit the highway on big bikes? It might not be an exact description of a biker gang but you get the picture.

Their seeming fascination about leather gear is another story but you will notice that every biker wears leather gloves without fail. Aside from being part of our casual or winter wear, leather gloves design for riding also serve as part of one’s driving gear as portrayed by the bikers’ example.

Driving Style Leather Gloves

Comfort can be a good reason why bikers wear leather riding gloves. Imagine what your hands would feel like after gripping the handle bars of a motorcycle for hours. Lined leather gloves for riding are perfect for cold weather while unlined or lightly lined leather riding gloves allow for more breathing space and are perfect for warm weather.

Padded gel palms and adjustable wrist straps provide more comfort. Some gloves have vented knuckle holes to fit more snugly. While some have Velcro or a snap button wrist strap, other leather gloves have an elastic wrist to make sure the gloves do not slip out of your hand easily.

Gauntlet and Fingerless Gloves

Gauntlet leather riding gloves look pretty much like the gauntlet soldiers used to wear back in the medieval times. Each has a cuff-like extension, which covers part of the arm. Gauntlet leather riding gloves also come in unlined and lined variations just like the driving style gloves.

The cuffs can either be zipped, studded, closed by a Velcro strap or adjustable snap buttons. For those who want to be more “free” with their hands, leather fingerless riding gloves are also available. They can have a partial opening at the back and an extra padding protection for the knuckles.

For Women

There also available styles for the women who would wish to protect their hands while driving. There are sleek styles of leather riding gloves for women as well.

Gauntlet styles with light lining, which are suitable for warm weather driving, are available. Driving style gloves with Velcro straps are padded with gel palms for absolute comfort. Women’s leather driving gloves also come with color combinations such as black and white, black and pink, or black and burgundy.

All the Way

Leather riding gloves comes in different designs and features which are adapted to different environmental conditions. They provide both comfort and protection for your hand while you hit the road on your bike.

As they undergo wear and tear due to the harsh environment and constant use, taking care of your leather gloves is important so that they will last for a very long time.