Styling With Ladies Leather Gloves, Best Gloves For A Wicked Style

When To Wear Ladies Leather Gloves?

When you see a person wearing gloves, do you feel like you are transported back to the Elizabethan era? Does a picture of a lady clad from neck to foot in an 18th century dress, poised all prim and proper pop up into your mind?

Well, it is a fact that wearing gloves traces its roots way back but that doesn’t mean that they should be considered old-fashioned.

So for the women out there, wearing leather gloves for ladies is not just part of your winter wardrobe but can also be considered as an elegant accessory on any given day, along with your bags and jewelry.

Ladies Leather Gloves: Quality Material

Whether it’s a gift for a special someone or another addition to your daily outfit, a lovely pair of women's leather gloves will surely fit right in your closet.

One of the first things to consider when choosing a pair of ladies leather gloves is the softness and the feeling of suppleness when you wear them. Women's leather gloves are meant to be fashionable and lightweight and should not feel like you are carrying a ton of bricks.

There are leather gloves available for both formal and casual occasions. For formal occasions, it is best to wear Nappa leather gloves. Nappa leather, which is known for its flexibility, is high quality leather usually made from lambskin or sheepskin.

Ladies Leather Gloves: Types of Gloves

There are several types of leather gloves. One such is the long gloves that are usually worn during ‘white tie’ occasions like weddings, opera performances, formal parties, and plays as they may be a nice accessory to your glamorous evening gown.

There are a lot of styles to choose from: unlined, lined with cashmere or silk, in button or slip styles.

The length ranges from just below the elbow to above it. There are also women leather gloves for winter. They can be worn regardless if the occasion is formal or not. Length for these gloves varies more, compared to formal gloves. They come in wrist length or up to mid arm.

Style That Fits You

Ladies leather gloves come in different styles. You can go for the straight, unhemmed style or spice it up with laced and ruched styles. If you adore French fashion then you might prefer the ruched style long gloves.

Cuffed styles are also available for these leather gloves. You can choose from a contrasting cuff style to a fur cuff if you want more variation. Colors range from the popular black, blue, red, navy, brown, yellow and many other hue variations.

With all the different styles of leather gloves available for ladies, there will surely be one that will fit your personal style and taste.