Princess Fashion: Aesthetic Values of Ladies Dress Gloves

ladies dress gloves

Gloves Are Part of Fashion History, Especially Ladies Dress Gloves

Man, ever since the beginning, from a creature that lives on pure survival instincts to a highly intelligent being capable of appreciating beauty, has developed ways on how to improve clothing outside the need for body protection. Aside from the main clothing that is worn on the torso, several accessories are also available to further enhance the outer appearance of anyone living in the civilized world.

This is particularly true for women, because naturally they have more ways and accessories to enhance beauty than men. Among the tip hats, coronets, tiaras, shoes, boots and cosmetics, there’s also what we call as dress gloves for ladies, and as you might have guessed, they are typically used as an addition to a dress or gown.

Dress Gloves

Evolution of Ancient Fashion

Most of the dress gloves for ladies that we see today are actually the ones that were used ever since the first kinds of party dresses were made. According to the style and occasion of the dress worn, most of these are actually adaptations from the old Victorian style dresses (which were a lot bulkier and complicated than what we see today).

So, ladies dress gloves are also a legitimate part of the evolving dress wardrobes continuing on till the 20th century. It is as if to say that without women dress gloves, your dress wardrobe, regardless of the time period just wouldn’t be complete.

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Thematically Completes Wardrobe

Reinforcing our idea from the first aesthetic factor, dresses throughout history have been given certain themes, the most popular of which are themes that display social status. During the medieval period, people who were allowed to wear lavish dresses were usually in the elite upper class of the society. Dresses at that time also included gloves with them!

Today, most dresses still have certain themes to match the occasion or to match the wearer of the dress’s preferences. If ladies dress gloves prove to be part of the theme of the dress, then they should look aesthetically complete with the gloves put on properly.

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Adds a Hint of Sophistication

And if dresses were meant to display high social status during the old times, then it is also natural for us to declare that ladies dress gloves add to the overall sophistication of the dress worn.

With the different laces and frills, the elegant curves and overlapping of the fabric, and additional accessories for the entire outfit such as jewelry, topping it all up with a pair of fine dress gloves for ladies gives you the aura of an influential aristocrat, maintaining that fabulous look as you gracefully enter a formal party or some other occasion.

But even if we are to say that ladies dress gloves add to the overall beauty of the dress worn, it is still not a compulsory accessory to wear. And besides, not all dresses are meant to be matched with these gloves.