How To Handle Smelly Kickboxing Gloves And Still Get The Best Gloves For Training

kickboxing gloves

Accumulation of Body Fluids Leads to Undesirable Odor In Kickboxing gloves

Let’s just face the facts about our bodies. Body fluids just aren’t designed to make us smell good, no matter how many times you try to combine them with your most precious perfume. Body fluids as they are don’t really smell that bad.

It’s what happens afterwards that transforms those fluids into a gross entity. The undesirable stench usually comes from prolonged exposure or contact with these fluids, and it seems that even some of our most precious belongings are affected by this, even kick boxing gloves!

Strenuous Sports Can Lead to Smelly Kick boxing Gloves

Kickboxing is a very healthy, but equally vigorous sport that usually requires your whole body to perform well, just like any other regular sport. As your training or games progress throughout the day, naturally your body begins to secrete body fluids (more commonly known as sweat) as a result of its reaction to motion stimulus or to the temperature of your surroundings.

Some of the fluids are easily washed away by taking a bath and by washing your clothes. But some of the articles used in boxing, like kick boxing gloves for example, don’t always get the wash treatment, and thus some of the fluids remain causing unhealthy odor growth.

Wash Them With Caution

So, how can we properly clean and sanitize our sweaty kickboxing gloves then? Washing them of course would still need a suitable cleaning detergent to do it properly, but you don’t really have to deviate from the standard methods.

As always, you may try to pull the insides of the kickboxing gloves out like how a normal piece of clothing would be reversed inside out. Don’t apply too much force on it though; just pull it enough for the insides to have a peek of the outside world. Afterwards, you may choose proper cleaning detergents based on the material of the kick boxing gloves.

If you’re still feeling lazy, then you can bring them over to cleaners once you’re done pulling them out. Oh, and don’t forget to place them under the “delicate articles” category.

Use Fresheners and Odor Removers

This is an even easier way to remove the foul stench inside your kickboxing gloves. Before applying any freshener or odor remover inside your kick boxing gloves, keep in mind that you must use any kind of absorbent material (newspapers, tissue, cotton, etc.) and stuff it inside first.

It is recommended that you use a freshener or odor remover with the strongest scent, in order to break any remaining traces of stinky smell off your gloves. Not really a perfect way to clean your kick boxing gloves, but at least the body fluids would no longer accumulate in your gloves.

Keeping a healthy lifestyle doesn’t just mean keeping your body clean despite your active lifestyle. It also means keeping your sports items clean while keeping your sports life as active as it can be. Be healthy and clean inside and out!