Can Industrial Gloves Cause More Harm To The Body In The Long Term?

Ensure Your Protection With Industrial Gloves

Safety is the main concern for most people working in industrial places. Working in an area without any safety gear may result in body injury or even death. First you need to make sure that you are following all the safety rules while working in an industrial area, because in a second of time there is a chance of accidents that may happen that may even cause death.

Hand protection is vital for many industrial jobs, and having the right pair of gloves decreases the amount of injuries on the job. Whether you're in some type of chemical handling position or construction, such industrial gloves are needed for hand protection while on the job.

Nice to Know About Industrial Gloves

Gloves design for industry use are a must in many work environments. Having your hands unprotected leave them open to many kinds of injuries, from punctures to abrasions. In any workspace that might damage hands even slightly, industry certified gloves are a requirement.

Recent standards for industrial type gloves are specified by ANSI/ISEA 105-2000. The standards oblige manufacturers to test work gloves according to OSHA 29 CFR 1910.138.

After the test, the gloves are given a performance rating from one to five. This is applied in all types of gloves, whether you need neoprene or PVC gloves for handling chemicals or thicker leather gloves for welding. The ratings are based upon tests for abrasion and heat resistance.

Secure Your Safety With Industrial Gloves

If you are uncertain which kind of industrial type gloves you will need for a job, ask your supervisor before you start to work. Or else, think of the many possible accidents, such as chemical burns, punctures, lacerations, or abrasions that could happen while you are working.

It is better to be safe than sorry so prevent bad things from happening to your precious hands while you are at your workplace. It pays to be prepared and knowledgeable about such issues.

How Do You Know Which Industrial Gloves to Select?

If your employer doesn't give you information about which pair you need, here are some details about the different types offered.

A general industrial glove is the most basic design. General safety gloves are typically made from leather, although some use cotton or knit materials. For the latter, these have PVC for better holding. While the two basic gloves protect the hands, some have other features like insulation and waterproofing by neoprene.

Handling chemicals requires a different type of gloves. Hands have to be protected from chemical splashes regardless of whether you work in a testing facility or a hospital. Gloves, in this case, needs to be made of a thicker plastic-like material and typical materials used for chemical safety gloves.

Some industrial type gloves are geared toward particular occupations. Auto workers and mechanics, for example, have sturdy gloves designed for them. Welders also need specific gloves. Welding gloves are made from thicker leather and are stitched together.

As we all know, safety is our first priority.