Household Gloves Anyone? What About My Allergies, Can I Hire A Cleaner?

cleaning gloves

What not to do when household gloves are not available.

It was a few days before Christmas and I was giving the house a good old thorough cleaning. I was use 'regular' detergents in the bathroom but I was not really happy with the results so I decided to go for something stronger.

I found some Cilit Bang and because I knew that it was extremely harsh I threw on one side of disposable gloves and got to work. Still not happy 100% with the results I went back to the cleaning cupboard.

Yes, I found some limescale remover and went to work again. I was 65% happy. However, that night my hand was an absolute mess and I just could not understand why because I wore a glove.

washing gloves

Are you in the habit of using household gloves while doing the laundry?

Do you ever wish that washing detergent brands remain more or less the same over the years instead of changing their name or fragrances?

Being a Parent has thought me a lot about washing clothes to the point where I need to trust certain washing detergent brands because I need near perfect results all the time so that I can avoid re-washing clothes or clothes damage.

Over the past few years a new stain remover came on the market and I did not think it was harsh but my hands developed an itch for a few days because it seems that the stain remover contained acidic chemicals.

diy gloves

Do you have green fingers? Do you use gardening gloves?

Maybe you are more of a DIY freak like me, although I must confess that I have always done stuff around the house without using household gloves.

So many household items come flat packed and even children's toys require some level of adult assembly and gloves are never a requirement on the instruction sheet but neither is patience.

If you have an experience that you would like to share please feel free to get involved I am sure I can learn so much from you.

Gardening gloves, the best gloves for the green thumb

Pamper Your Hands

Taking good care of your hands involves getting proper nourishment and avoiding unnecessary contact with damaging materials. Household chores can be damaging to your hands because many of the solvents and cleaners that are used are not meant for your skin.

It is a good practice to wear household gloves while you are doing chores, particularly when you are handling harmful materials.

For spring cleaning and daily household chores that require you to get your hands wet, wear cotton-lined rubber household gloves to protect your hands. Cotton-lined rubber gloves will help absorb wetness while keeping your hands dry. When working in the garden, it is important to wear the right kind of gloves.

When dealing with damp soil or liquid fertilizers, it is better to wear rubber gloves that are water resistant. For gardening such as digging or weeding, consider wearing thicker gloves. But before putting on gloves apply some lotion on your hands to keep them moisturized.

The Use of Household Gloves

Household gloves come in handy when we want to protect our hands from chemicals, staining, hot water, or icky substances that need to be cleaned. Rubber gloves are durable while still allowing you to accomplish the tasks you need to do effectively. Wearing household gloves will help you clean thoroughly without worrying about water, cleaning solution, or other substances getting all over your hands.

Start Being Cautious

Possible accidents in the home are just there waiting to happen. Hand injuries caused by common items such as bleach products, powder cleaners, harsh detergents, strong kitchen and bathroom cleaners and many more, do not seem to be on the decline. Almost all of these injuries could be prevented by wearing a cheap pair of household gloves.

One should start being cautious if you wish to prevent harmful accidents that may occur once in a while. Household gloves also give good protection against germs and viruses from contacting the skin and possibly infecting or re-infecting healing wounds from previous accidents.

The Importance of Selecting the Right Gloves

It's a common mistake to think one type of glove will protect against all possible dangers. Although general purpose rubber safety gloves are perfectly enough for most household cleaning chores, there are times when they will not be sufficient.

Household gloves made from synthetic rubber may prove to be weak against some expert cleaning products and could be vulnerable to permeation, penetration, and degradation when using certain chemical agents.

In cases like this, specific glove materials will be necessary in order to provide the user with sufficient hand protection; that is why it's so important to read the safety instructions first. As you can see, this simple and low-cost product should be a part of everyone’s household supplies.

There is not a single day that passes where people suffer hand injuries which could have been avoided or those injuries reduced by slipping on a pair of rubber protective household gloves. They really are useful in our home!