Horse Riding Gloves - Are Leather Gloves The Best Gloves For Horse Riding?

horse riding gloves

Leather Horse Riding Gloves for Maximum Grip

Leather is just about the most perfect material to use to gain that maximum grip over anything. Leather also symbolizes coolness and slickness, as any material that is made of leather gives a stylish and elegant look that you won’t see in other kinds of material.

Horse-riding gloves also use leather extensively as a material that can provide maximum protection and grip against all elements when one is horse riding. But over time, your gloves gradually get worn out and old.

To slow this “aging process,” you need to take care of your leather horse-riding gloves properly, by giving the correct maintenance procedure.

Clean the Gloves of Any Dirt

First of all, remove any trace of dirt off both gloves. Be careful though, almost all horse riding gloves need some specialized procedures or even specialized materials and detergents when taking care of dirt that has accumulated in them.

Surprisingly though, there are a few leather horse-riding gloves that can be cleaned using conventional methods. Whatever the cleaning method may be, it would be wise to seek advice first from an expert or check and research the horseriding gloves composition, and whether certain kinds of cleaning methods or materials would be safe or not.

You wouldn’t want to risk ruining a perfectly good set of gloves by damaging the pair with some strong cleaning detergents, now would you? As they say, it pays to be cautious.

Wet Gloves Need to Be Dried Slowly and Carefully

If your horse riding gloves are wet for any reason, it is usually not good that you try to wipe them away immediately or rush the drying process using heaters.

Because they are made of genuine leather, wiping your wet horse-riding gloves briskly using any kind of cloth or material that you conventionally use to wipe leather can actually cause the risk of damaging them through time.

You may not be able to wear them during your ride next year if you don’t pay attention to the “erosion” that accumulates when you disregard this important fact.

Apply Leather Cream

Leather creams are perfect for restoring the luster of your precious leather gloves, and can be topped off as a finishing touch to leather cleaning sessions.

Applying them is one way of preserving the gloves to make them last a few good years more. As most horse riding gloves are made of leather, using leather creams on them can also prolong their quality and use for future horse riding sessions.

Application of leather creams to leather riding gloves is very simple. While wearing the gloves, apply the cream just like how you would apply a normal skin cream on your hand, applying it gently all over the glove.

If you can keep all of these key concepts in mind, you are sure to keep your horse riding gloves in perfect condition for many years to come.