Gold Winter Gloves?

by Althea
(Dublin, Ireland)

gold bride gloves

gold bride gloves

My son is constantly prone to be disorganized in every aspect of his life but every winter I will buy him a pair of gloves just to see how many hours would past before he would give them to someone else. By this I mean he would forget them on the bus or train or in school or at some other location except in his pockets or his room.

This last winter was not any better it got so bad because I believe it was lost within a day of him wearing them brand new and he started borrowing other people's gloves without their knowledge.

He even went as far as to buy himself a pair of his very own Thinsulate gloves which was lost in a matter of two days!

I know some people would say use the string in the coat trick but you must know that my son is 14 years old and his ego is so big that he would not even wear his coat and he even loses his sweaters/hoodies/jumpers.

One morning he was looking extra pleased with himself as he was wearing a pair of gloves unknown to me. I was excited at first as I thought he found one of his missing gloves and finally decided to cherish them.

However, to my amazement he was wearing my pair of golden bridal gloves! All dressed for church with his suit. I said nothing. We just left for church with a hope that he would not lose them as well.

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