Fingerless Lace Gloves: Fashion Throughout History

fingerless lace gloves

Lace Signifies Feminine Elegance With Fingerless Lace Gloves

Laces and frills always symbolize the more feminine side of fashion, no matter how they are used and no matter how frequent they are applied on any clothing. But clothing aside, we know that some wardrobes can never be complete without the proper accessories to complete the designs. Many of these designs include additional lace accessories such as ribbons, cute hats, any form of leg covering, and sometimes lace fingerless gloves.

Fingerless Gloves

During the Victorian Age

Fingerless lace gloves were quite prevalent in Europe during the Victorian age. But they weren’t worn by all. You see, wearing lavish gloves during that time symbolized power and high social status within the society. As such, only aristocrats and anyone else higher than them were the only ones that were exclusively allowed to wear lace fingerless gloves.

The design and even the aesthetic function of the gloves did not differ much from what we see today, but you can be sure that most of those gloves during that age were made from some expensive fabric. Some higher aristocrats however, especially the ones within the royal family, sometimes favored full gloves over fingerless ones (although they may still have had a few pairs in their wardrobes).

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Modern Europe

As Europe entered the modern age of the 20th century, fashion from a purely aesthetic perspective slowly dwindled, as the demand for more functional clothing sparked through the modernization and industrialization of most countries.

Mass producing of merchandise and other items allowed even the regular members of society to take part in fashion that was only enjoyed by the upper class years before. Fingerless lace gloves were practically sold everywhere and were already used by every young woman in any country across Europe. These gloves are now used for more modern modes of fashion, and are no longer paired with the bulky dresses of the old.

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Japanese Lolita Fashion

The old Victorian style of using fingerless lace gloves has been revived in an unlikely country. Japanese nowadays, highly influenced by the Portuguese and other European cultures prior to the Tokugawa era, have adopted this kind of glove and have created what is now called Lolita Fashion in Japan.

Of course, being that it is highly based upon the fashion during the Victorian era, it also uses lace fingerless gloves in some of their ensembles. This is most true in a Gothic Lolita, where these gloves are usually used accompanying a dark atmosphere.

Time has transcended upon these fingerless gloves. From their luxurious past history, down to their common use in the 21st century, fingerless lace gloves seem to tell us that such fashion will still live on for many decades to come.