Are Two Fencing Gloves Better Than Wearing One Glove?

fencing gloves

Fencing is a kind of sport that can be very dangerous to those who play it. Of course, one must to know how to handle a sword and use it against his or her opponent. Fencing gloves serve as a protection from different injuries that you can encounter during fencing.

In the official fencing sport, only one fencing glove is required by the regulations. But in order to have an assurance for your safety, it is better to wear the complete pair of gloves.

Besides, you never know when accidents might happen during the game. Wearing the pair of gloves is a practical solution for safety concerns.

Choosing a Style

Gloves designed for fencing are made of different materials. They can either be made with leather or they can be made out of materials that are washable. There are also different colors made available for the fencers.

This, of course, is definitely by your very own choice. If you prefer the simple, you can choose the basic fencing white gloves or if you’re more on style, you can choose from the different available colored gloves.

Getting the Right Size

There are different sizes of gloves for fencing. You can either choose from the generic or the specific ones. The usual sizes of the gloves are the generic small, medium or large ones and the generic sizes are generally cheaper in price.

But, you can also avail the specific size of fencing gloves in order to have the right fit for your hand/s. In order to get the right fitting size, you can get a tape measure and use it in order to know the right circumference of your hand. Don’t forget to add at least one half inch in order to have an allowance of the size.

Determining the Fit

This is a very important aspect in choosing your gloves. They should fit well to your hand and should not be very tight. Of course, you should make sure that they are not too tight. Having the right fit will lead you to having a greater control over your sword. Thus, you can have a great fight with it.

Other Tips and Suggestions

It is better of you tried to fit the gloves rather than getting the generic size. Make sure that the gloves are not too thick in order to have the maximum control of your sword.

Also, maintaining the gloves will help you have clean and easy to use fencing gloves. You can prefer the washable gloves because you will need to have them washed all over because they’ll tend to get smelly every time you use it.

Fencing gloves are quite important in any fencing fight. It is your security against punctures or injuries that might happen. One glove is enough but you can use another one to serve as a protection against wayward sword strikes. You can choose from different styles of gloves designed for fencing available on the market. Safe Fencing!