Dress gloves? Bring back the old time days!

dress gloves 1880

I still love the the way women dressed back in the 1800s with dress gloves and corsets, pretty parasols with hats and of course lovely dresses to match.

Yes, I know the corsets were a bit too tight but weren't the ladies still elegantly dress? Who said less is more?

The washing machines of today would definitely have to be built differently in order to cope with all that clothing in one day but I am sure Mr. Dyson would find the solution.

Silk gloves, the best gloves for the royal ball

black long gloves

Do you like gloves? A pair of good matching or modern glitzy gloves would certainly help to complete your favorite outfit.

We should not have to save dress gloves for only weddings or funerals. Neither should we wait to have a date at the opera to wear a delicate pair of satin gloves or lace gloves.

Please let me know what you think. Models should not be the only ones having all the fun.

Evening gloves, the best gloves for the formal evening

retro long black gloves

Do you think that women between 25 and 55 should be entitled to wear gloves? Are gloves only restricted to the unmarried, single, childless woman?

Are gloves a representation of innocence? or virginity?

It would be great to get feed back from anyone in any part of the world to hear what is the latest trend in relation to gloves and how a revival can be had in this area.

Bridal gloves, the best gloves that flatters a bride

Trendy Dress Gloves

Gloves can be custom-made beyond the useful purpose of protecting the hands, to offer an attractive note to dress and to put stress on certain colors and qualities through their design.

Today there are many examples of fashion focused upon dress gloves. With the growing trend towards casual clothing, there is also a call for dress gloves today.

If the frosty weather persuaded you to include a pair of fine dress gloves in your wardrobe, then you are right on track in reading this article.

Lace gloves, the best gloves to show your feminine side

Fine Dress Gloves

The best external linings of men’s dress gloves are skins. The versatile type of dress gloves is leather; to be more precise, it is called peccary pigskin. It is the perfect type of gloves for a few reasons.

First of all it is a little tougher and more durable. Nonetheless, it is so thin that it will mold to your hands like a second skin. In addition, peccary pigskin is somewhat stain resistant.

For some occasions, such as black and white tie events, the best suited gloves are made from white kid or goatskin. For formal events during summer, fine cotton is also good enough to make you feel more comfortable and at the same time stylish.

The inner lining on gloves is carefully stitched before sewing the glove together. Lining is used to give additional warmth and ease. The most suitable lining for fine dress gloves is cashmere. It is very warm and the material is breathable for the skin.

Satin gloves, the best gloves for popular dress up events

Match Your Gloves to Your Attire

Remember that the wrong attire can draw attention to a particular spot, so you better dress up right and appropriately for the occasion. Gloves should be decorated to match your dress.

The perfect match for your gloves is your outer coat or your shoes. Dress gloves colors are usually black and brown shades, depending on your style and taste. Always make sure that your gloves are complimentary to your attire.

Prom Gloves

Glove Sizes Vary

If you are not sure about your glove size, then the best suggestion will be to try the gloves on before you buy your gloves of choice. If you are purchasing a pair online or you are going to give them as a present for someone else, then knowing the right size is definitely important.

Gloves are measured by means of the finger length, as well as the hand width. To know your gloves size, determine your finger length by lining up a measuring tape along the inside of your open hand.

Ladies Dress Gloves

Note the distance from your wrist to the tip of your middle finger. Then, measure your hand width. To do this get the measuring tape and wrap it around the widest t part of your open hand.

Then make a fist, holding the measuring tape in the center of your palm. Now measure the distance around the palm and take note of the measurement.

A good pair of gloves is a piece of clothing accessory that will always be in style and which will definitely add to your personal fashion statement and uniqueness.

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