Having Fun With Cricket Using Cricket Gloves, The Best Gloves For Winning Side

Understand Cricket To Get A Grip On Cricket Gloves

Cricket is a well-loved sport that is played with much enthusiasm by its many players throughout the international sports scene. Cricket gear can be sold in many places, thanks to its devoted fanatics. The sport is played by young and old alike, and thus the demand for cricket playing equipment will not lessen anytime soon.

Cricket Gear

Cricket is one of the globally recognized sports today. It is played across different countries and five continents. If you are not familiar with the mechanics of the game, it is not that difficult to understand. It’s actually very similar to baseball. Let us have a brief rundown of the basics of cricket.

There are two teams, the fielding and batting team. There’s a batter, a bowler (pitcher), a keeper (catcher) and field men. Equipment used is almost the same as that of baseball, with a ball and a bat. However, the bat used in cricket looks more of a paddle compared to the bat used in baseball.

For cricket players, wearing the proper gear is also important in playing as it protects them from injuries and helps them to play better. Another important part of cricket gear is a good pair of cricket gloves.

Batting and Keeping Gloves

Cricket gloves are worn by the batter and the wicket keeper. The wicket is a structure consisting of three wooden stumps and is guarded by the batsman.

The gloves for the wicket keeper are usually webbed between the thumb and index fingers to help the keeper catch the ball. For the batter, batting gloves are heavily padded on the back to serve as protection in case the ball hits their fingers.

Quality and Comfort

Batters require certain details in cricket gloves. The batting gloves should provide enough support and protection especially for the exposed fingers. A good quality cricket glove has side guards for the fingers to ensure complete protection.

It’s also best if it’s lightweight and flexible so as to make it comfortable for the batters while playing. The leather used should also be sweat-absorbent because batters would not want their hands to be moist while holding the bat.

A good pair of these gloves, for both batters and wicket keepers, has a flexible palm feel to better catch the balls. It also has good knuckle protection as well as allows for good air flow.

Choosing the Right Pair of Cricket Gloves

Gloves designed for cricket are an indispensable part of the cricket gear. They do not only provide comfort while playing but also protect the player from possible injuries they may incur from playing cricket. Finding the right balance between comfort and quality is very important in choosing the right gloves to have maximum fun while playing the game.