Climbing Gloves, Are These Specially Designed For Climbing?

climbing gloves

Climbing is always a dangerous sport. You should be extra careful in order to have a safe climb. After all, climbing is all about danger and overcoming it. Well, in climbing, you need to have different gear that will help you in your climb as well as add to your protection and safety.

One of the best items that you can use in your climb is climbing gloves. These gloves help prevent blisters or any injuries that you might get during your climb. But, first things is first, you should have the best gloves that you can find. Well, here are some suggested gloves designed for climbing that you can use in this sport.

Rocky Boots Climbing Gloves

This glove is equipped with a full leather palm. It is also equipped with a neoprene back and it has a finger with single stitching on it. This is a good work glove but the use of leather on the palm makes the heat move faster especially when rappelling.

The fit also gets loose as you wear it more during your climbing activities. Sometimes, the use of the Rocky Boots also leads to discomfort because there is much gripping on a weird angle.

Wells Lamont Climbing Gloves

The fit, snugness and trimness of this glove are better compared to the Rocky gloves. But, like the Rocky gloves, the heat transfer is also quite fast. The stitch of the gloves is not that good. Thus, the advantage here is more on the comfort of having the gloves fit snugly onto your hand.

Petzl Cordex Gloves For Climbing

This glove is more suitable on almost any task that you will want to do with it. It is made of goat leather and has double layers on areas such as the palm. The stitching is great because it has double stitching on it.

Use for climbing is not its only function since it can also be used in different activities such as camping and even while traveling on rough trails. The only disadvantage of these gloves is that the knuckle protection isn’t that good. But overall, these are a pair of good gloves climbing.

Black Diamond Transition Climbing Gloves

The stitching, the material it is made of, the heat transfer… almost everything is well-designed about this glove. It has a natural curve grip which is good in handling different climbing surfaces.

The only disadvantage of these gloves is that its knuckle protection and the light cloth call for summer use, not for other weather conditions. But overall, these gloves are great and you are assured of their safety and fit.

Different gloves have their advantages and disadvantages. Gloves designed for climbing are all about safety. With the different ones mentioned, it can be concluded that the quality of these gloves are determined through their fit, their stitching, the materials they are made of and how they can handle the heat transfer.

Also, the fit of the gloves can also be a factor when choosing them. Each glove has its own purposes, just be sure that you know your own purpose and you will be able to get the right climbing gloves for your trip. Good luck!