Cashmere Lined Gloves – Fashion and Protection In One

cashmere lined gloves

The Origin Of Cashmere Lined Gloves

Use of gloves dates back even during the time of the Old Testament. Jews usually used gloves for work. It has been noted that priests or the Levi tribe required them to take off the Jews’ gloves occasionally. If the priests found mildew, they were then considered unclean.

There are also portraits in history where gloves are used. One example is the portrait of Queen Elizabeth I where she is seen holding a leather glove in her hands. In the Victorian era, gloves were used as a means of shrinking a woman’s hand. During those times, small hands were considered as a sign of beauty. Gloves are used for a variety of purposes.

Whether at work, sports or in fashion, gloves are usually a staple. Especially in the fashion world, gloves have become a sign of elegance. Much that there are many leather gloves in the market, cashmere lined gloves are more popularly used mainly because of their advantages over wool and silk.

Cashmere Lined Gloves Are Light In Weight

Regardless of the leather used, gloves with cashmere lining are light in weight. As such, most women prefer them to silk and wool. Cashmere yarn comes from mountain goats’ hair whose fleece is known to adapt and survive the worst weather conditions. Thus, cashmere has become popular for lining gloves especially used for winter.

Cashmere Lined Gloves are Comfortable to Wear

Because it is lightweight, lined cashmere gloves are comfortable to wear. They are soft and usually follow the size of a delicate woman’s hand. Additionally, it provides proper ventilation making the wearer’s hand 100% sweat-free. Similarly, it gives the warm and cozy feeling one wants especially during the winter season without at all sacrificing style and fashion.

Cashmere Lined Gloves Are Durable

Despite their cost, gloves lined with cashmere can prove to be economical in the end. A pair usually survives the normal wear and tear of one’s lifestyle. They are usually double stitched and double layered for more durability.

Cashmere Lined Gloves Are Great for Protection

Gloves lined with cashmere are meant for protection. Thus, women prefer to use them, too, when driving. They provide the protection the hands need from the heat and friction from the steering wheel. Additionally, they also are a great protection during cold weather to prevent the chapping and drying of hands.

Generally, cashmere lined gloves are the most economical means of providing the protection the hands need in extreme weather conditions. In addition, they are also great fashion statements. They come in different sizes and colors. Some have prints and embroidery and are designed to accessorize what you wear. With the variety of gloves being sold offline and online, gloves that are cashmere lined have become a necessary women’s accessory.