Are Battery Heated Gloves Another Gimmick? Do They Keep Hands Warm?

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Being Cold Isn’t Cool - Have You Tried Battery Heated Gloves?

Keeping your hands warm from cold is very important. Feeling cold is really a very uncomfortable and even painful experience, especially if you are outside doing some necessary chores or errands when the weather is really, really cold.

You start to feel ill and weak when left to the mercy of snow, cold winds, or freezing rain. You cannot do the things you want when your hands are frostbitten or icily numb with cold. The usual solution to cold hands would be to wear ordinary gloves.

But now, there is a new product designed to solve this problem, something much different from your ordinary gloves - heated gloves.

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No More Cold Hands

Battery heated gloves may look like your normal gloves but they differ in how they function. These gloves work by inducing heating elements supplied by the batteries that are built into the gloves.

The batteries for these battery heated gloves are rechargeable for convenience and usually take up to 5 hours of charging.

These heated gloves are frequently worn by the kind of people who really love outdoor activities such as biking, skiing, snowboarding, hunting, and ice fishing.

A pair of such gloves provides your palms and fingers the perfect insulation and warmth that you want while enjoying the activities that you love. You will be able to have fun doing these things without the cold weather bothering you by wearing heated gloves.

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Battery Heated Gloves’ Main Elements

Made from durable materials and consisting of thermal elements which give effective warmth to your hands, heated gloves are really good investments against the cold. As said earlier, batteries are built into the gloves which generate heat from the batteries.

These heated gloves generally use alkaline batteries or lithium ones to serve as the gloves’ power source. The gloves are able to provide their wearer with cozy warmth for up to 104°F. These kinds of gloves are far better than any other hand warmers because of the heat they provide.

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Serious Disorders That Can Be Avoided, Thanks to Battery Heated Gloves

During the winter cold season, a number of outdoor activities can compel you to go outside. Without proper protection, painful winter-related disorders cannot be avoided, just like Raynaud’s disease, frostbite, chilblains and many more.

Raynaud’s disease is a condition resulting to discoloration wherein the hands turn whitish or bluish due to a circulation problem brought about by a diminished blood supply to the fingers because of the cold weather.

Frostbite, which is the most serious injury, is caused also by poor circulation due to the cold weather. Thanks to these heated gloves, your hands will become soft and supple, while protecting you from any injury and remarkably increasing blood circulation in your digits.

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