Arthritis Gloves - Do They Work Or Is It All In My Head?

Helpful Gloves for Immediate Relief of Arthritis

People who suffer from different forms of arthritis often look for several types of treatment that will lessen some of the stiffness and pain coupled with the condition. And one of the most current innovations in arthritis treatment is the arthritis gloves. Many people noticed that wearing these gloves help to restore some level of mobility to the fingers as well as decreasing the uneasiness.

These gloves are made to lessen the stiffness and pain associated with arthritis while increasing the mobility of the affected part. This is designed to treat all types of arthritis including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. There are two main types of arthritis gloves available in the market these days.

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The First Type of Gloves for Treating Arthritis

The first type of gloves uses infrared light rays. It is a mixture of synthetic and natural elements that attract the infrared rays and focus them onto the joints of the hand and fingers that help loosen the joints, reduce stiffness, and alleviate pain associated with arthritis. Once the infrared rays permeate the arthritis gloves and make contact with your skin they increase blood flow and circulation in that area which brings relief to the uneasiness and pain associated with your arthritis. This combination results in a reduction of arthritis ache while also easing soreness, making it possible to have more control over your fingers.

The Second Type of Gloves for Treating Arthritis

The second type of glove is a far older technology. This glove merely serves as an insulator. You will apply whatever healing balms or salves you want to the affected joints in your hands and then use the arthritis gloves to keep the medication warm and in place. One of the great things about arthritis gloves is that they are inexpensive and easy to use. However, it is difficult to find a brand of arthritis gloves that can fit your particular daily needs.

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How Arthritis Gloves Work

The interior of the gloves functions as both a cushion for inflamed joints and a means of keeping healing balms and salves used affixed to the surface of the skin. Fundamentally, the hands are coated with a balm designed to ease the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. The glove serves to keep the balm warm and moist.

Remarks About Arthritis Gloves

Each design of arthritis gloves has its proponents as well as critics. Opponents to infrared gloves say that the device does not really enhance the concentration of the sun’s infrared rays and therefore has nothing more than a placebo effect.

Critics of the gloves used with the healing balm said that special gloves do not improve the effects of the balm at all. In fact, the same results could be attained by applying the salve or balm and then slipping on a pair of ordinary rubber gloves.

Whatever side you are on, one thing remains for sure. If people find such gloves as an effective way of easing the pain brought on by arthritis, then they should just stick to what works best for them.

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